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Our Product - Ramset

Anchoring System

Chemical Anchors

The Ramset™ Chemical Anchoring is one of the top leading brands due to its high quality, reliability and versatility for anchoring threaded studs, rebars and starter bars into solid and hollow substrates. The chemical anchors consist of a fixing element and a synthetic-based adhesive. The two components are place in the hole and after curing the adhesive creates dual adhesion, one between the fixing element and the adhesive and the other between the adhesive and the base material. The adhesive is supplied either in an injection cartridge or a glass capsule. Chemical anchors generate lower stresses in the base material so they can be used closer to edges and closer together.

The Ramset™ Chemical Anchors are the choice of the contractors as well as the specifiers. Our range of fast curing chemical anchors allow same day loading of your anchors instead of waiting until the next day. This significantly improves productivity at the job site. The engineering support provided by The Ramset™ engineering professionals are backed by rigorous testing at reputable testing institutes to exceed the most demanding requirements of various International standards.

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Epcon G5
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Mechanical Anchors

Ramset™ and Spit have been offering mechanical anchors for over 50 years. During this time the two brand names entered into common language on building sites all over the world. Names like Trubolt, Triga Z, Fix Z, Fix II ( now Fix 3 ) have been recognized as the best stud anchors. But only Ramset & Spit supply the original, proven products and these brand names represent Quality, Reliability and Performance.

The professionals’ selection of mechanical anchors are perfectly suitable for heavy and medium-duty anchoring for loads from 100 to 4200kg. Unlike any direct competitor, we develop and manufacture a significant portion of our product range in Europe. The professionals’ selection of mechanical anchors have been extensively and rigorously tested to exceed the most demanding Eurocode’s requirements.

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Gas Technology System

Ramset™ Gas Fastening Systems employ the latest Spits’s Pulsa technology to fasten to concrete, steel and other common building materials. This revolutionary Pulsa technology, since its first introduction in Europe in 1993, has changed the way fastening works are done around the world. It is extremely fast, cost effective and include automatic power adjustments for greater ease of use.

Ramset™ TrakFast™ 800 systems are used by many professional contractors around the world including ceiling partitioning contractors, electrical contractors, fire & security contractors, plumbing contractors and general contractors.

TrakFast™ 800
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TrakFast™ 800P
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TrakFast™ 800E
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